Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 44-45 Mataranka - 22-23 July 2009

8090kms, 33 degrees C, 3 snakes

We have now had a 31 day spell with all but one in a tent, and that was because there were no tent sites available on our first night in Karumba, so we had a villa instead. A month under canvass – and we are going OK. That problem is not the tent, it is the facilities on the site, if any. Sometimes the loos and showers leave a bit to be desired – or at times when bush camping they are non-existent!! We had no such problems in Mataranka – Dan’s recommendation was spot on and the campsite is great.

As the video will attest, we enjoyed a dip in the thermal hot springs.
We had an 8km bush walk to Mataranka Falls and the highlight was the Bowerbird. We had seen a few Bowers but none with the bird at home. A Bowerbird creates an elaborate nest, decorated with “bling”, in this case shells, to attract a mate. Nicky is keen that I take note of this strategy in future!


Michelle said...

Great to see you back! Love the synchronized pelicans. Shocked that poo shovel got first use on DAY 34!!! Impressed by the dust on your 4WD. Great to see under the bonnet (?) - and the tent putting up - suggest stepping onto canvas of tent floor after taking off Blunnies - makes for less sweeping up for Nicky! Am back in Oz - only 17 sleeps till Darwin! Any needs from Melbourne??

Glen & Peter said...

Nicky - I'm not sure who was driving over the Roper Bar - but there is story you need to know: it's not true that it's the wife's job to walk across the river checking for deep holes, and that if he loves you he'll give you a stick to keep the salties at bay. Glen

Stuart Riley said...

Michelle - you will be pleased to know that the GI tracts have been working fine, just that we had these things called loos (ablution facilities) up until day 34! We have taken care to ensure no poo in the said poo shovel!! Point taken about tent - Stuart will raise his game.

Glen - Stuart doesnt like that story. The one he has been dining out on is that Nicky is the height of the snorkel, therefore if she goes under while testing the water, it is 1 a croc or 2 too deep, either way Stuart stays behind the wheel!!

Stuart Riley said...

Michelle - in response to what to bring, we suggest 1 your wonderful self, 2 your sense of humour, 3 a couple of bottles of wine. Very much looking forward to seeing you

Jan said...

Loved the tent-site tour. How come in the early days it took an hour to set up? Looks pretty damn simple from here :-)

kath said...

love all your photos and docs. On our bush walks our poo scoop was called "DOUG"! Mim and John are excited about their up coming hol. and can't wait to catch up with you in Darwin. By the way your Whisky certainly past the taste test. kath x

Honora said...

Hi Stuart & Nicky,

First attempt at sending you a message! Really enjoying your Blogs though cringing when I see you swimming (worries about sharks and crocs!). The wildlife and scenery are fantastic. Think of you every morning when I'm enjoying my shower!!! Love to you both.

Stuart Riley said...

Michelle - very much looking forward to seeing you. Not sure there is much for you to bring, BUT could you take a bag back to Melbourne with you when you return? We have had our second cull and still have too much crap! Nic will call over the coming days - we are back on mobile coverage here in Jabiru

Jan - we are rookies! And when you are looking over your shoulder for crocs and snakes then things slow down a little!!!

Kathy - thks for drinking the grog. A true friend!! Will rename poo shovel Doug in your honour. Chatted to J+M, looking forward to seeing the them tomorrow

Mum - welcome to blog comments. What was that about "old dogs and new tricks"?! We shower at least once a week!! Crocs are more of a worry than sharks right now. Its good for making you swim fast!!!

kath said...

hope your rendez-vous with price co. synchronises! the amazing sound of mim on holidays filled the neighbourhood. have a wonderful wk of laughter. glad you are both in one piece and still together!! k