Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 41 Cape Crawford to Limmen River(travel day) 19 July 2009

7564kms, 27 degrees C

Cape Crawford (which isn’t a Cape, but that is another story) is a clean camp site – a great stopping off point in the middle of nowhere. And they do awesome fish and chips. But the main reason for coming here is to do a very short, extremely expensive helicopter ride to the Lost City. It was remarkable, but not worth the money. Even using Nicky’s money.

The rest of the day was another long drive up North to Limmen River – 4 hours averaging 50km/hr as the roads were not flash and we own this car, rather the people driving much quicker in hire cars. Note so self – never buy and ex-hire 4WD. We met a couple from Canberra who are here for a month, fishing. There is nothing else to do. And this is the third time they have driven up from Canberra to do so. Then again, Canberra is both cold and boring at this time of year.


Jan said...

Great to catch up on the next part of the trip. Did you really post the updates at 3.30am Stuart? On your next 'boring' stage, can we have a more detailed look at your campsite. Loved the tour of the 4WD, and would like similar of a camp set-up. Have you had to jack/winch yourselves out yet?

Glen & Peter said...

Dear Stuart & NIcky, once again - SO jealous. Bird noises (glad you love the budgies & we hear the corellas & galahs), fires, etc. & all the places! "Desert sick" as Milly calls it.
Pete is out in the dark doing stuff to the old "thirsty camel" so that Soph & Staumn can head off to Ceduna on Sat. for 2 weeks - it's had a new CB, steering damper & shocks & springs, but is still making some undesirable click in the front somewhere; no nav system, just map pockets; even rebuilt a sleeping platform for inside.
Pleased you're both so obviously loving it. Love, Glen

Stuart Riley said...

Hi Jan,

Never let it be said that we don't listen to our followers - please access the blog to see update on camp set up! And no we've not yet had to winch either ourselves or anyone else yet. Infact we've not had to use any of our safety gear -long may it last.

PS - 3.30am refers to the time the entry was uploaded at the server site in the US. No way are we up at that time - I am blissfully happy on this trip because we are in bed by 8.30 every night - those who know me that this is 7th heaven for me. However we are always out and about by 06.30 (even Stuart can converse at this time of day!).

Glen/Pete - the budgies reminded me of the first trip I did with you guys way back in 1995. On the whole everything has indeed been great but we are abit fed up of dust and dirt, even Stuart was heard to say that he thought a shower was even better than a beer at the end of a day of driving!

Anyhow we move up in to Katherine tomorrow and I am hanging out for a coffee and a newspaper. We hear that we missed a great cricket match last week!

love to you all, we love all your comments. Our marriage is surviving to date but external intervention helps keep our humour intact.