Monday, April 11, 2011

3/1/2011 - Cat Lurve.....or maybe not

Cat lovers will know that what looks like a scene of domestic bliss can turn into World War 3 in a very short space of time. The video clip aboves shows Albury (ginger) and Wodonga (charcoal) sharing the Ottoman at the end of our bed. They are chuffed to have "thier" furniture back. Once upon a time they could both fit onto it with space aplently. Nowadays, being the fat cats that they are, there is less room, er, not enough to swing a cat in fact. So Albury has a cunning way of getting Woodie to shift annoying him. Note the (not so) subtle change from licking to throat biting!!

Xmas Day 2010

Followers of this blog will be used to seeing us baking in Australia sunshine over Xmas. 2010 was our first Xmas back in the Old Country, our first winter Xmas for 16 years. In some ways that was nice - minced pies, mulled wine, heavy winter foods like turkey all seem more apt in the cold. But our poor bodies struggled to deal with the extreme winter the UK dished up.

As the video will show, the temperatures plummeted to -11 degrees. As we drove past Worcester it was -13. Luckily Buxton was not so bad, a miracle really consider it is High Peak country and is often snowed in at this time of year.

We dropped in on Gra, Stuart's father first in Manchester, then had tea with Joan and Graham Lee. Then onto Chadderton for Xmas lunch with Nor, (Stuarts mum), cousin Julie and Steve. It was a slap up Xmas lunch with all the trimmings, plus plus. Before it got too late and the snow froze, we headed to Buxton where we stayed a few days with the Kilpatricks. And a good time was had by all - lots of games, music and good natured banter.