Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 42-43 Mt McMinn Station, Roper Bar - 20-21 July 2009

7842kms, 27 degrees C, 2 uses of poo shovel

It’s a small world despite being a very big country. Shortly before we left on our big trip, we went to dinner with Sue Needham and Patrick Russo. They had other friends round, and we were lucky enough to meet Mick Cahill. We got chatting and eventually moved onto the subject of our trip. Mick mentioned that he and his brother Dan had bought, “a bit of dirt” up by Roper Bar, and that we should “pop in”. Mt McMinn Station is 200,000 acres! And the most dangerous words you can say to us as, “why don’t you pop in”, as we will. And we did.

Dan and Jane were wonderful hosts – we had a camping spot to die for on the banks of the Roper River, as shown in the video clip. Sorry about the domesticity, but we have been asked for details of our camping arrangements. We had a wonderful snapshot of a working cattle station and met some “real” people in the process. A group of us schlepped up Mt McMinn to catch the sunrise, which was cover in cloud. Pictured from L to R are Drew, Jane, Irene, Harry, Nic, Sandy and Donna.

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