Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 23 Mission Beach- 1 July 2009

4732kms, 27 degrees C

Mission Beach is remarkable. The Poms who are used to touching elbows on beaches would be astounded to see miles of empty glorious flat sands and inviting waters. It is also one of the last homes of endangered Cassowary. We did two bushwalks to try and find them – saw heaps of poo (er literally) but no pooer!

We getting pretty good at setting up camp – at first it took over and hour, now we are down to 30 mins. There were more vehicles with Vic plates than any other state – it must be cold down in Melbourne!! Our camp site was called Dunk Island Views – which was just the case. We could see the big cruise liners on the West side of the island. Stuart swam and watched a white bellied sea eagle hover overhead.

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