Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 32-33 Karumba- 10-11 July 2009

6067kms, 28 degrees C

Karumba is all about the fish – catching them and eating them. And that goes for people, birds and other fish. The population of 600 doubles between May and September when the Grey Nomads arrive to take advantage of the mild 27 degree days and glorious fishing. At the camp site roast we sat by one bloke who has been coming here for 11 years. An 87 year old caught his first Barramundi that day. For most of the regulars, bookings are measured in months – we stayed 3 nights.

Paul was our skipper on the Kerry D charter out into the gulf – he has done this gig for years and knows what to fish and how. We caught mackerel, very different from the dark oily ones in the UK, great eating these blokes. They had to be 500mm long or put back. Then we used one as bait for the big one, the Spanish Mackerel – check out the video!

There was plenty of bird life. The pelicans hunted in packs right off the beach. They were much better at fishing than the two legged grey blokes. We saw our first Brolgas of the trip – leggy and awkward, but pretty cool. And the Sunset Tavern was aptly named – a cold beer watching the sun sink into the gulf is a great way to end the day.

The Barramundi Discovery Centre is a volunteer organisation that has put over a millions fingerlings (baby barra) into four rivers around these parts. They might look miserable but they taste great!

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