Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our Hoos - 21/7/2010

This short video is for family and friends to show our house, car and new surrounds and the very beautiful Leigh Woods, just to the North West of Bristol, across the Avon.

Living here is a bit of a deja vu for Stuart - in 1983 he visited as an civil engineering student, to see the bridges. Brunel's masterpieces is truly stunning.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Langton Matravers, Dorset 10-11 July 2010

Nickys dental student buddies are a quite amazing lot. They developed strong friendships almost 30 years ago that are just as strong today. They get together for a camping holiday once a year, and this year we were lucky enough to be invited along to Langton Matravers in Dorset on the South Coast.

It was hot, and we were unprepared - embarassingly we burnt! So we blend in with the Poms now, like Hamish!!

Nothing much has changed over 30 years. The boys all have hair albeit more grey. The girls all look gorgeous and spunky. But there is one slight change - lots of little people running around the place! And playing cricket, it was only the little ones, ie those with functional knees, that could run around.

On Saturday we went to Dancing Ledge, a rocky spot in the coast that is a favourite with clim bers. We were turned back by emergency services as a helicopter was landing to pick up an injured climber - see video. All very exciting.

The people on the videos are (in order):-
Stuart and Sonny, Jason, Debbo and Helen
Marco and Hamish, Archie and Will, Sonny, Frankie, Sue, Helen and Will, The Boys - Marco, Jason, Hamish and Budge, Hamish and Budge, and finally Marco the arsonist

Deer in the garden at Leigh Woods

We have moved to Bristol in the UK. We are renting a University House in Leigh Woods, which is a beautiful suburb just on the West side of the famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, which is walking distance from us. In fact we walk over it every time we go to the pub in Clifton. Which is often.

The wildlife is spectacular - robins and tits in the garden, a bold fox who clearly thinks he owns the place, lots of squirrels and a family of deer who stroll into our garden for a feed, from the Avon Gorge Nature Reserve.