Friday, September 7, 2012

The bass has last


There were a few hitches getting me to Melbourne, but the bass had more hoops to get thro. But its here, at last. Customs didnt fumigate it, nor did they charge import duties. Yay to both. And a huge thank you to Michelle Fink for taking me to pick it up at Tullamarine. And taking this shot to celebrate!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Melbourne....where its windy!!

I was meant to land in Melbourne on Mon 3/9 local time. My flight from Manchester to Doha was delayed, so we circled the airport waiting for a landing which time I had missed my connection to Melbourne. Or Qatar had oversold the seats on the flight!! Either way I ended up in a 5 start hotel in the desert. More food then ever I could eat. But no grog of course.

So I landed on Tues eve. Wed was windy - this house had its roof blown off on Harcourt St, North Melbourne.

Am staying with Johnny and Mimi - life is good

Carvery lunch at the Fairview

The weekend before I left for Melbourne we went to the aptly named Fairview in Shaw for a carvery lunch, with Mum, Julie, Steve and the girls Sarah and Charlotte, who were both on fine form. £4.50 for a carvery lunch - wow.

It was a beaut day, as the photos atest.

And all taken with my iPhone - how did we survive when phones just made phone calls??