Friday, December 24, 2010

6 Canynge Road, Clifton - Xmas Eve 2010

Nicky is now home from overseas, and has chipped in with the work to get the house straight. We moved the cats over and stayed the night for the first time on Sat 18/12. Either side we spent many hours moving stuff from 2 Red Cottages, doing the unpacking work for the removals company, who in true Pommie style whinged about how many stairs there were and how understaffed the team was, and generally setting up home.

The house is similar in style to Gatehouse St, but turned up on its front - both are narrow, but Gatehouse St was long and on 2 floors, Canynge Road is short but tall on 5 floors:-
Basement - self container flat, in need of a reno in 2011
Gr fl - kitchen and dining room
1st fl - lounge and music room
2nd fl - master bedroom, en suite and Stuey's office
3rd fl - two guest rooms (one doubling as Nicky's office and a general dumping shop right now) plus Jack and Jill bathroom between the two. The bathroom can be accessed from both bedrooms, so we hope Jack and Jill get on well!!

We all love IKEA furniture, especially putting it together, which is difficult enough with the instructions, you know all those smily faced diagrams with no text. Well if you want a challenge over the Xmas holiday, try putting some of it up without the instructions!

The cats have settled quickly. The previous owner didnt have a pet, so there is no need to wee in every spot that smells have the past owner's hound or mog. And they are loving having thier stuff back from Australia, particularly the bed, ottoman and rugs, with thier smells and fur. So we are all feeling better as a result of getting our toys off the boat from Melbourne.

The kitchen has lots of flash gismos. There is no need for a kettle as the is a contast boiling water tap. The video shows Nicky opening her plate warmer! Our Mrs Beeton books seems like anacronystic in here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

New House - Sat 11/12/10

After a few false starts we have finally bought a home, in Clifton, Bristol.

Our postal address is 6 Canynge Road, Clifton Bristol BS8 3JX.

Nicky is still in Australia, returning to Bristol on 16/12 after a work trip to Qatar.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Woes, of a different kind!!

This week has seen some crazy weather, and both Nicky and Stuart had transport disruption. Nic flew to Australia on Tues 30/11 - the plane to Doha was delayed and she missed her connection. She was treated to a day in Doha. On the same day Stuart drove to Leeds to work with Opera North, on an all Russian programme including Stravinskys The Firebird. Yorkshire had some of the worst of the recent cold snap, only second to the Scots. The photo shows the view from the car going to work on Wed 1/12. As Stuart watched a huge snow dump thro the rehearsal, Nicky was watching the desert in Doha. Odd indeed!