Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 29-30 Undara Lava Tubes- 7-8 July 2009

5499kms, 33 degrees C

The first stop on our trek inland was to the Undara Lava Tubes, around 300km inland of Cairns on the Savannah Highway, the road from Cairns (on the Tasman Sea) right across to Broome (Indian Ocean). We will be on or around this road until mid September.

Undara means “long way” to the aborigines. It is a flat plain with lots of old volcanos and underground lava tubes. We walked the rim of the Kalkani Crater.

Black cockatoos are wonderful – we see lots of white ones but black ones are spectacular. There was no shortage of marsupials with roos, rock wallabies and cheeky Rufus bettongs – the latter mooching around our campsite for a feed....

...and while on that subject, we had our first ever camp fire supper. We had to gather firewood, start the fire then cook dinner on it. Thank goodness Nicky did her Queens Guide! Thanks for the camp oven Gordi.

And we have now spent over two weeks under canvass. Nicky cannot plait her underarm hair just yet, but it’s not too far off.


Soni said...

Dear Nicky and Stuart We just went through the blog. Great to see all the snaps and videos. Obviously you both are having great fun. We did laugh at the appearances of 'the grumpy bear'. Have a safe and enjoyable trip Love Soni and Lia

Ravi said...

Dear Grumpy Bear and Mrs Bear

Great to see you in Pt Douggie and really enjoyed eating Indian banquet and swim in Mossman Gorge with you.

Big banana was too weak to swim, fearing he would become little banana with the cold water and all!

By the way, great to see so many disciples making pilgrimage to see the bears on their odessey around aus.

Enjoy yourselves and keep up the strike rate Stuey!

Black Punjabi Prince

Dear Nicky and Stuart,

So great to see you in Pt Douglas. We thought you were going to drop by on the Monday night but maybe you has too many vino's for dinner.

Melbourne has been freezing cold compared with the beautiful sunshine up north and I was thinking of you when I went running at 6am in 3degrees!!!

Travel safely.......lots of love sophie et al.

BluesBoy said...

Hi, well the snail mail is running about a week behind events, the last postcard from the 'tubes' arrived today. Jake underwent surgery yesterday to remove a lump from his mouth (reader Jake is a cat). Seems to be recovering very well despite the risks (reader Jake is 19 y/o).

Have fun and play safe.

PS Pontings face today when he was given out was picture!!

Johnno said...

Hi Niki and Stu,
Mim wants to know if you remember what a razor is? She wants to be able to see you without bushes in two weeks. She's been out for an hours run this morning. I rode thursday and friday, but slowly.
We can see your house, it's still there!
See you soon
John and Mim
PS had a very delicious 2001 Yarra Valley Semillon on Wednesday - very nice.

Jan said...

Hi Nicky and Stuart
The blog, photos and videos are fantastic. Loving following your adventures and sure beats the work I was planning to do.
Nicky - our paper to CDOE has been asked for minor revisions - yippee.
Love Jan

Terri+John+Will Riley said...

Hey guys; sorry it has taken us a while to catch up, but we are here now! Sounds and looks great so far, and glad you are enjoying. All good here in NZ, with both us and the lad prospering. He is here with me at the computer at the mo, so will let him send his own msg... nb ...which is a pretty accurate hit on the keyboard for an 8-month old! Take it easy, Love TJW (ps Owen off the mark on debut...Cristiano WHO?)

Stuart Riley said...

All you guys - thank you for your comments. We love it - keep em coming.

Soni and Lia - more blurb about Grumpy Bear to come! Bears can be female too!!!

Black Punjabi Prince and his gorgeous spouse - gr8 to see all in PD. I have a CD of awesome Mosman shots to send to you, if I say so myself.

Chris - enjoying the cricket. Give Jakey boy our lurve. Hope he comes good.

John and Mim - I have some swimmers very similar to my bike niks, waiting for you in Kakadu!!! Hair getting long - I need Fonz. Can you bring him up with you?

Jan - the only work Nic wants any thing to do with is hearing that papers have been accepted. Goodonya darl!!!

Will - keep growing mate, and try and keep those parents on the straight and narrow!! Owen - we will see!

info said...

Hello Stuart,
I am from Undara Experience and would really love to talk to you about some of your images - they are brilliant!
If you can, please contact me on or 07 4031 7933.
Glad you enjoyed your visit to Undara.
Kind Regards,
Emily Wood