Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 38-39 Kingfisher Camp - 16-17 July 2009

6838kms, 27 degrees C

Kingfisher Camp is an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It is on the banks of the Nicholson River in Qld but less than 100km from the NT border.

We have hit the bulldust, ie fine silt – shocking stuff. The car kicks up clouds of it. We are well and truly in the bush!

Great birds and lots of freshwater crocs in the rivers and gorges. We spent an hour sitting by Hedley Gorge waiting for the crocs to surface.

Normally delighted to come across wildlife, we report with regret that we met our first cane toad. If anyone reading this feels like a trip to Australia you are very welcome, but don’t bring any bloody creatures with you! The bush is full of disasters from introduced species. The cane toad was introduced from Hawaii by some clown who wanted bugs removing from the sugar cane in Qld. The toads ignore the bugs, reproduced like rabbits (another nightmare pest introduced by an idiot who wanted to shoot them on his property) and are in the process of invading WA, having
marched thousands of kms West across Qld and thro the NT. They are killing all in their midst as they are toxic, so eagles, snakes and even crocs are dying after eating them.

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