Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 31 Undara to Karumba (travel day) - 9 July 2009

We start by apologising for the delay in getting these postings up. From Normanton to Mataranka we have been in the third world, devoid of internet of phone signal. Stuart would rather has lost a limb!

Today was typical of many to come. We will probably try to do the driving in big chunks then have some time to rest up and see a spot before moving on. This
also reduces the number of camp set ups – we are getting quicker but it still takes time.

We expected a long boring 500km+ drive – not so. Cattle sleep on the road at night – an interesting obstacle to keep the driver alert and indeed awake. The road kill was astronomical, and accounted for the huge numbers of raptors swirling overhead. The carcass of a wallaby provided our first Wedge Tailed Eagle of the trip – the “wedgie” is the top of the feathered food chain. The wedgie was on the carcasse, the others watched from a safe distance.

With all due respect to the good people of Croydon, Georgetown and other places between Undara and Karumba, there is not really a lot there. In that same way that you can tell a lot about a dentist by reading the mags in the waiting room, the same is true of a town and it’s newsagent. In Georgetown (population 300) the magazine rack was filled with hunting, shooting, fishing and large silicone breasts. Nicky’s favourite was Boar It – “the pig hunting magazine with grunt”. Patients and parents at the Children’s hospital can look forward to some interesting reading from December onwards!!

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