Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 75-76 Kununurra – 22-23 Aug 2009

12,214 kms, 36 degrees C

We had three nights back at Kununurra – an oasis in the Kimberley. Internet access, cold beer and restaurants – what more could you need?! Our Raison D’Etre was to stock up for the Gibb River Road, our next little adventure, between now and mid September. The blog might be quite for a while as we are likely to be without internet access over that time.

We went to the country races – always a great occasion in Australia. It was a stinking hot day. We didn’t lose our shirt, in fact ended up $30 to the good, thanks to some inspired tipping from some, but others were not so hot (er stick to the radiology Michelle)! There was one fantastic moment when a horse stormed over the finish line and rather then slow down round the course with the rest, found a gap in the fence and kept galloping. The commentator suggested that the horse had, “gone bush”! The fashion competition had to be seen to be believed – but the locals took it all in good spirits.

Michelle’s time finally ran out and she has to leave us for Darwin. It was great to have her as our travel companion.

Our last trip was to the Zebra Rock Gallery, run by Prof Bruce Livitt, ex Melb Uni who decided when he retired he would buy a business up here. He mines, machines and sells Zebra rock – remarkable, along with the cafe and wildlife. Check out the Australian Hobby and the peacock.

And finally, one of the caravans had a bird seed box and the double barred finches were wonderful.

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