Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 57 Nourlangie, Kakadu NP - 4 Aug 2009

9237kms, 34 degrees C

Our trip to Nourlangie Rock was the first of three days touring Kakadu with our new playmates, John and Mirella Price, our neighbours in Parkville. Nourlangie is one of the most important aboriginal rock art sites in the country. It is almost impossible to date, but probably very old significant. The Anbangbang gallery is a great example of rock art telling a story. The character on the top RHS of the picture is Namarrgon the lightening man. He is depicted as a Leichhardts grasshopper as the lightening season starts with the grasshoppers hatch and start to sing. His lightening is the band around him.

We saw more ranger guides – fantastic stuff. If you come to Kakadu find out when they are on and go along.

The wildlife highlight was the black wallaroo who didn’t seem overly bothered by us.
Later in the morning we did a walk around a billabong and up to a lookout with spectacular views over Nourangie Rock. We thought it was the poms who were meant to be the whingers, but you have never heard anything like Johns attempts to get lunch!!


MIGOMAGI said...

is it kinda traveling journey diary?

Honora said...

Nice to see John and Mimi again. Don't give up the day job John, I don't think you'll make it as a dancer!

Stuart Riley said...

Migomagi - yes, a travel journal. We are doing "the big lap", driving around Australia.

Mum - John should get that comment soon. They are done a whistlestop tour to Broome and will be in Melbourne in a week or so. He is such a clown!!