Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 72-74 Purnululu NP, Bungle Bungle – 19-21 Aug 2009

11,814 kms, 34 degrees C

World Heritage Listed Purnululu National Park is home of the striped beehive dome structures known better as Bungle Bungle. The Bungles and the Gibb River Road were two of the highlights of our whole trip, and the first did not disappoint. The photos don’t really do the place justice – the rocks are 200m high, huge and dramatic.

It’s a long way off – 50km from Kununurra to the Northern Hwy, 200km to Purnululu then 53km on a rough 4WD track that took another 2 hours. Michelle is learning the 4WD tricks of the trade and did a great job in negotiating the Britz van safely to our camp, with all 5 tyres intact. We did our first walk later in the arvo as the temperatures dropped – Mini Palms walk, thro 200m high standstone gorge faces. Awesome.

On Thurs 20th we were up and out by 6am heading South to the Piccaninny Gorge and the famous beehive domes. We had breakfast in the shadows of the gorge, only after Nicky had dragged us around the Cathedral Gorge, Domes walk and the lookout. The photos and videos are very heavily edited! By 10am we were off out of the sun, as it was stinking hot. We had a “siesta” break in the shade before moving onto Echidna Gorge.

And finally, many of our followers are keen on the gory details of camp life – the next instalment is on the video, the long drop loo. This is a bit of an institution out in the bush, but will put the shivers up a few follower’s spines!!

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