Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 8-11 Fraser Island – 16-19 June 2009

2809 kms, 15 degrees C

Fraser Island was our first genuine 4WD adventure on our own. It is a world heritage listed sandbar that is over 120km long with amazing natural features and wildlife. First we had to get there, which involved a barge across to the island. Next was a schlep up the beach where we saw our first wild dingos (checking out some fisherman) and sea eagle. We set up camp by the home of a Lace monitor who was more interesting in basking in the sunshine than us.

June 16th was Nickys birthday – we celebrated in style with a bottle of 1997 Cullen Cab Sauv/Merlot. Thank you Sarah and Kareen.

Fraser has the largest number, and the largest freshwater sand lakes in the world. The lakes are all high above sea level and rainwater is retained by decaying matter forming an impervious layer on the sandy bed. Swimming was much safer than in the sea with huge rips another threats in the form of sharks and recently spotted salt water crocs.

We found our first Damsel in Distress near LakeBennaroon – Ulla was walking to Central to find help as their battery had died. It is amazing what some rusty German language and jump leads can do! Paul is an amazing wildlife photographer – check out

On our final day on Fraser we went up to the Maheno wreck. The weather was not so crash hot and we got to test the tent in two nights of serious rain. We Melburnians dream of such a downpour, but not in a tent in the middle of a rainforest!


Ravi said...

Hi guys
Now becoming jealous of your trip and great adventures!
Happy birthday Nicky! Hope you got what you wanted as a pressie.
All well here and enjoying wathcing your blog.
Blog disciple Ravi (aka big banana)

deevee said...

Hi s&n.

Time to put in a comment.
Very impressive, this running commentary so far. That prompts a few questions - how long can you keep it up, and how long can we? Is it a competition? Is there a prize? How many days will you put up with getting no responses from any of us gainfully employed slaves before piquishly (?) closing the blog down?
Happy birthday, nicky. We will be celebrating it tonight in conventional style.
Trip is looking fantastic so far. Are you hungry yet? Are you still married?
Keep up the pix.

Michelle said...

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY!! I can't even remember are such a babe in arms.
I too follow with envy - as I bask in the grey cool UK summer!!
Enjoy to trip to the top end - and rest up before disciple "big banana" comes to join you....

BluesBoy said...

I do believe that your newly acquired German nature photographer is pictured handling two of the very rare Fraser Island Black and Red skinned pythons! Gees you were lucky to see such rare specimens, let alone get so close!

Stuart Riley said...

DV - your reward will be in heaven. Or your musical reward will be in the ST pit!

BluesBoy - good point. Would be happy if these there the only snakes we encountered.

Ravi - dream on!