Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 12-15 Wilson Island – 20-23 June 2009

3151kms, 20-26 degrees C

From Fraser we headed North to Gladstone – an industrial hub set in coastal paradise. Gladstone is the launching point for Heron and Wilson Island, two tiny coral cays right on the south end of the Great Barrier Reef. Wilson was camping of a very different sort – true we were still in tents (see video) the food was somewhat more up market than what Nicky had managed on her camp cooker the wonderful clean white linen a notch up on the sleeping bags. With capacity for only 12 guests and 2 staff we were fortunate to meet the Shafers from Chicago, Ilinois (Tom and Cathy and their 3 wonderful kids Max, Ben and Sydney). To be honest their company made up for the rather disappointing weather. We had many laughs not least as we behaved very typically when in the company of visitors to Australia – we told tall stories about the size and lethality of the various spiders and plants that exist here. Poor Ben spent most of the stay worrying whether he would survive the 10cm grass hopper or the small Huntsman spider in his bedroom! And don’t mention the Cockroaches!!!

Having experienced camping in the rain on Fraser Island we now experienced ‘glamping’ in the rain on Wilson. Never let it be said that money can buy anything, certainly not the weather!

Despite limited visibility the wildlife was magnificent (see video, photos). The turtles were shy in the water but we could see them clearly from the beach while sipping champers at sunset, er when we could see the sun. Black tipped reef sharks were right off the beach chasing shoals of fish which leapt out of the water attempting to escape only to have the terns and boobies (of the feathered variety) dive down and pick them out of the water. It was a real David Attenborough experience.

The birds shown in the section are, in order, the Eastern Reef Egret, Banded Rail and Silver Eye.
Nicky took some of her Fraser Island wildlife experience with her in the form of Mozzie bites!


sharon.quick said...

Oh Nicky, those mozzie bites! Just as well you have plenty of alcohol on hand to help ease that itch!!! Lovin' the updates, keep them coming...SQ

Stuart Riley said...

Sharon, what do we do with the grog, rub it on the spots? Pls tell Glen that the Bundie is going down very well - when in Rome...