Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2 Sydney

1003 kms, 14 degrees C

Our wonderful friends, Kareen and Sarah were amongst the last people we saw when we left Sydney for Melbourne 10 years ago. Now as we start our trip we spent our first night with them, in their spectular new home. We'd better not get too used to this 5* accommodation!

Sophia had time to practice her homework for us and here she is making her first appearance on the worldwide web. Quite the superstar!

Whilst Stuart went to work (yes of course he did) Nicky spent the day looking out over Middle Harbour, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. It's going to be a tough 6 months!


stephen.martin3 said...

Thought you'd never get away! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality in Parkville last week. We're still drying out Great wine. Wonderful hosts!

Stuart Riley said...

You are very welcome Steve. Tonight might be the night for a spot of Stafano Lubiano!! S

Ravi said...

Go guys!
The BIG adventure has started.
Missing you already (not really).
Cant believe how many followers you seem to have attracted....
Sad that we have nothing better to do.
Be the ball