Monday, June 1, 2009

7 sleeps to go!

We are a week from leaving and in some ways it seems surreal as there is sooooo much to do. Nicky finishes work on Wed 3/6 for the last time in 6 months. The last time she was out of work for this long she was still a student, in 1918. The transition is not so hard for Stuart as musicians don't really work!

Our leaving functions have been fantastic. It's wonderful to spend quality time with our friends. Adam and Gerry Skinner produced a meal to die for on Sat 30th May, and the ensuing hangover almost achieved that end. Ravi (our latest disciple) and Sophie were awesome on Sun 31/5 - the Australia cake was amazing. We hope to have photos to post soon.


Ravi said...

Please keep a diary of when Stuey is annoyed and turns into "grumpy bear". If you have a picture of a grumpy bear you can post online, even better.
love guru

Stuart Riley said...

Good to see you are keeping tabs Ravi. I have the book at the ready! You might need to get a replacement for Port Douglas