Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 18-19 Eungella National Park - 26-27 June 2009

3911kms, 20-24 degrees C

Eungella (pronounced “young-ella”) is amazing. It is a volcanic National Park 700m or so above sea level, and on a clear day you can see the sea at Mackay from our campsite, 100km to the East. Even though we are in the tropics, ie North of the Tropic of Capricorn, the rainforest at Eungella is classified at sub-tropical, due to its elevation.

There were two main highlights – the first was a day’s 4WDing with Neil Cunningham. Young Neil is 68 and is the 3rd generation of Cunninghams to live in this area since 1906 – he knows it like the back of his hand. He took us thro amazing eucalypt and rainforest – we learnt heaps. The wildlife star of the show was an 8’ carpet python.

The second attraction was the platypuses (platypii??) in Broken River. OK, there is too much video footage on this blog, but you should have seen the yards on the editing floor!! The river was full of freshwater turtles, but did we film no. The kingfisher was cute – unimpressed by the platypuses below, he dived into the water and returned with a fish each time in his huge beak.


Glen & Peter said...

Dear Nicky & Stuart - how is that too much video? Looks absolutely fantastic. So glad you've managed to find people who can explain all the great stuff you're seeing - it's so frustrating when you can't find anyone to answer questions! Glad to hear the Bundy is going down well. Have you tried Bushman's tropical strength cream/gel for the mozzies? Don't think the spray works quite as well,but is good on the clothes. I'm SO jealous - apart from the itchies! Love, Glen

Stuart Riley said...

Thks Glen. The only good thing about the Mozzie bites was that they were Nickys legs and not mine! Have mets some very interesting folk!!Nicky is talking about disappearing and going "bogun". But the Bundie is a life saver - neither of us has tried it before your gift, now we are converts!! xS

Frank said...

Hi Nicky & Stuart,
Pics are just great. We are in Broome for a few days and will be travelling to Derby and then hopefully meeting up with you somewhere on the way to the east coast if our rig is up to it i.e. on the black top only otherwise it will shake to bits. Please advise your Mobile number by email to me at and also your intended route to Broome.
Love Brenda & Frank