Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Melbourne - April and May 2011

We were both in Melbourne in early 2011. Nic had a trip to the Kids to continue her cleft project data collection and Stuey did the Opera Australia Autumn (note for Northern Hemisphere readers, April is NOT Spring) season, with Orchestra Victoria. Nic went first, we overlapped by a week or so, the Stuey stayed for almost two months.

Matthew and Thomas will no doubt be on a blog entry in September as we are going to THE wedding of the year in Switzerland. Matty reckons this photo looks like one of the cut out pictures you get by the seaside, where you stick your head thro the hole...

We met the latest huge de Korte male to enter the world, our godson Nick. He might look small right now, but he is on target to be at least as big as Harry and Jack, who a big lads. Its going to cost Ro and Caro a lot in potatos over the years

Stuey had a wonderful time with the OV dudes. Two months may seem like a long time, but its hard to get round everyone - he did his best. Linus clearly knows what to do with an iPhone! And as the remaining shots will attest, Stuey had a good time with OV!!

It was a wonderful trip - Nicky was worried about whether Stuart would actually get on the plane back to the UK. She had every right to be worried!

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