Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Liz's 70th - Abergavenny - 4 June 2011

The Kilpatricks used to schlep up to Wales for family holidays, many years ago when the kids were small - how apt then that Avergavenny was chosen by Nic, Jon and Mo to celebrate Liz's 70th, which was early in 2011.

 Manolo like Mum's "big hair"!!

The Walnut Tree was fantastic, in every way. They dealt with an often lively, disperate group of 18, even if we had only booked 15! Ages ranged from the wee Manolo to the ancient Ian. All diets and tastes were catered for expertly. The cottages were very cosy, and the spiral staircases ensured that the residents didnt have too much grog before negotiating the perilous climb to bed. The hearty few went out for a walk, some took the chilled option.
It was the first time in a long while the Kay and Liz's extended families were together in the same room, with all three grandkids - Ewan, Brandon and Manolo. Those present were:-
Liz and Ian
Us, Nicky and Stuey
Jon, Verity and Ewan
Mo and Steve
Kay and Howard
Jenny and Dave
Charlotte, David, Brandon and Manolo

Many family traits are demonstrated on this blog entry:-
Jenny's love of cameras and videos
Kay's cholesterol
Howard's diet
Dave's grey hair
Ewans good looks, which clearly come from his mother
Steve's bravery and good nature - he was thrown into the lions den this weekend, to be sure

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