Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KT's 5th birthday party - 15 May 2011

Stuart's last day in Melbourne was Sunday 15th May - there could surely be not better way to spend it than to go to Katie's tinker bell and dinosaur party!! Stuey was seriously considering coming along as a fairy, but could find enough net curtain.

There was fun for the little one and the grown ups. That crazy game where you beat the hell out of some cardboard and crepe paper creation to get at the choccies is always good for a larf. First the kids wear themselves out (often a good idea), then the adults look really stupid as they take over....and fail!!

Musical cushions wasnt without its tears. Some took the lack of cushion and elimination a little like those on Australias Got Talent!

The cake was a barbie doll, sans legs, with a delicious dress.

And Chandelle, the face painter, was very popular with kids and adults alike!

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