Sunday, January 5, 2014

Xmas Day 2013


Xmas Day was at Ruthy, Richo and Katies house in Edgewater, Maribyrnong. It was a full house with 13 of use present - Rich, Ruth, Katie of course, Mary (Richs mum), Margaret (Ruths mum) and John, Phil (Richs bro), Debbo, Jason, Frankie, Sonny and the two of us. Oh, and the two guinie pigs, Sophie and Rose, of course. Activities started around midday and rocked on until 9pm or so.

Cocktails - we started with alcoholic cocktails for the adults and fruity ones for the kids

Appetizer - our chemistry lecturer (aka Richo, who is getting into Heston Blumenthal and all his toys) prepared prawns on a bed of mango and cucumber salsa with garlic "foam", which was not as foamy as the chef would have liked but it tasted pretty awesome all the same.

We ate outside on the deck as it was a pleasant warm day, in the mid 20s.

Entrée - Richo again was the chef for Duck Three Ways. We had breast with port caviar (created with a pipette, as shown by the clown on the video), soufflé with truffle and Amiens pate. Yum indeed.

Exercise break - as most of the team left to walk around the lake, to make space for more food and sober up a little. We stayed in the house, had a clean up and prepped the main course...

Main course - BBQ butterflied legs of lamb with roasted veggies, by us! Not very traditional, but wonderful all the same.

Dessert - Ruthys lemon tart

Afters - mince pies, cranberry and chocolate cake or cheese.

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