Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vineys at Cape Paterson

The Viney clan descended on Sat 14th Dec and to help with jet lag we took the dudes down to Cape Paterson.

It turned into a bit of an Auzzie wildlife safari. First we wend to the mouth of the Powlet River to check out the roos, as shown on the video above. We then went onto Wilsons Prom and were treated to emus, wallabies, an echidna and lots of birds including a crimson rosella and black cockatoo.

On the way back from Wilsons Prom, Jason was keen to see a Koala. He spotted one in a tree as we drove past, which earned him the nickname Crocodile Viney, due to his bush skills.

We played beach cricket and did some boogie boarding in the sea.





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