Friday, August 30, 2013

Winter visitors to Fitzgerald

The first visitors to Cape were the cats, fresh from "prison", aka quarantine in Spotswood. They were not happy about going in the travel box again, carried all the way to cape, but soon settled in. They are shown here trying out the nice new upholstery on the big sofas.

John and Mimi came down for a wet weekend, pictured here on a trip out to Kilcunda. Its was a wild time, lots of rain, with big seas and stormy skies, as the picture shows.

Roy, Kalina and Cleo came down for another weekend, which was fun.

And Matt, Pip and Elsa went down for the MSO week off in August, after the marathon 3x Stravinsky program in a week. We all needed a break after that. To say it was wet would be an understatement - the garden flooded and it ran thro the garage to the drive at the front. No damage was done, but its a good job the house is up higher on stumps. The whole of Cape was waterlogged, and its on sand, which is quite remarkable.

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