Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Ro's 40th

Big Rohan is 40. You heard it here first. He is a bit sensitive about this, so I will say it again - BIG RO IS 40!!!

We celebrated in the only right and proper way - we good food, wine and company. Roger cooked up a storm with his metrosexual little Japanese BBQ, which joking aside was just awesome. Stuey and Rog are shot in a beautiful foursome, along with French champers and Giaconda Chardy. Yum.

Chateuneuf-de-pape, great steaks on the was all fantastic.

And we had 3 additional guests, who also clearly like steaks on the BBQ. We were aware we had local possums, as the neighbours have lots of netting covering plants and trees. Also Nickys pot rosemary lasted less than 24 hours. So it wasn't much of a surprise where the BBQ was "cleaned" by some little helpers!!


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