Monday, May 27, 2013

Were are on Nth Melbourne, the cats are in prison!

Dear blog readers (ie Liz!), sorry for the delay in getting a post to the blog, but its been a bit busy.

We moved back to Australia in Jan (Stuart) and Feb (Nicky) 2013. We have been in a flat in North Melbourne but negotiations are under way to move in to a 2 bedroomed town house, also in Nth Melb, in late June.

Nicky will be 50 in mid June and we have plans to celebrate her 1/2 century.

But the rest of the blog will cover the poor cats, who are in "prison" thro no fault of their own. We moved them to the UK, now back to Australia. They have 3 chips in their ears, passports and are mightily sick of international travel. And the bank manager is not happy either, as this has cost us a fortune.

When we moved to the UK in 2010 the cats didn't have to suffer quarantine - unfortunately they have to go thro it for a month in Spotswood, by the Westgate Bridge. They are in a concrete cell with an inside and outside portion, as shown by Albury peering towards the outside bit above.

Nicky had to deal with the UK stuff, dropping off the cats, putting up with Woody shitting in his box on the way to Taunton, nice one. So Stuey has had to do the parental visits to Quarantine in Spotswood. And they have made him suffer. All the other cats in next door cells are keep to see Stuey, and more importantly all the cat treats he takes with him, but not these two. But a tin of tuna can turn even the shittiest cats!!

They are out soon, on 5th June., then they go to Cape Paterson for a month, before moving to our new O'Shannessy St flat in late June.

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