Monday, May 27, 2013

Maintenance work at Cape Paterson

Fitzgerald is having an overhaul!

Its 8 since years since the major renovation, and it was time to remove some soft weatherboards. The SW corner, see above, cops the worst of the weather, and the boards showed that. A few more were removed in the Nth elevation, but the biggest problem there was a rotten joist under the deck, as show below with Tad doing his best.

We had to take most of the deck up to remove the offending timber. Tad had plans to send Stuey under the boards, but he feined bass players back pain to get out of that horrible job.

And while filling and painting weatherboards where the old part of the house hits the new garage, Stuey found two new residents...

...a mum and jnr brushtailed possums living in the garage gutter! The auzzies think of these as pests and would probably try get rid of them. We think they are cute. But now know where the olives and apples went!!

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