Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow in November - 27/11/2010

In case we were not sure what country we were in, the snow on 26th Nov made it very clear. We are on the North Pole! We are flattered to have had two requests for a snow report, thank you Sheena and Loch!

We were meant to be doing a Faure Requiem concert in Powys, mid Wales this weekend, but it was cancelled due to the weather. We are hoping for snow in Brisbane too, to save the first test!

The video demonstrates Stuart clinging onto his Auzzie stuff, sporting an Akubra, North Melbourne scarf and R M Williams boots, all designed for very different conditions, but all doing a fantastic job.

Being an academic cat, and now living in the country of Sir Isaac Newton, Wodonga is learning about gravity. He has established that however much he tries it is impossible to get all four paws off the snow for more than a second!

The footprints in our garden are not ours. We met Jock, our local policeman this morning, who was checking up on reports of crooks in the neighbourhood. Abbots Leigh church has had £10,000 of lead nicked off the roof recently, and Jock believes Leigh Woods church, right next door, is about to get a bit leaky and draughty. Might check the household insurance policy. Welcome to Britain!

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