Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cardiff - 6 Nov 2010

A fantastic weekend was had in Cardiff, staying with Alyn (very odd calling him by his first name, as he was always Humphreys when studying dentistry with Nic) and Ruth. Astute reader will have noted that Alyn might be welsh - well done. The Humphreys family are a bit of an institution at the Glamorgan Wanderers club - both Alyn and his Dad were Presidents and stalwarts of the club. So he gets access to rugby tickets...

...hence we went to the Millennium (with two n's apparently) Stadium for the first time. It is magnificent, a stadium worthy of world class sport. So it was a good job the Auzzies were on the pitch!! Stuart annoyed some of the locals by shouting for the Auzzies, and we both struggled with the national anthem, but I have it on good authority that it is un-Australian to know all the words to the NA. Phew.

The Auzzies played well, the Welsh dominated the scrum and there were some superb back moves from the men in green and gold. All in all a great day out.

I like Cardiff, and if things work out I hope to be spending more time there. We had lunch at an awesome tapas bar very close to the ground, a monster curry in the evening then a Humphreys special brunch on Sunday - we didnt starve! And we even got chance to catch up with Marion, Beth and Frankie before heading back to Brizzle. An awesome weekend - but we were shouting for the Poms the following week at Twickenham!

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