Sunday, January 10, 2016

Heart Morass

Heart Morass is a great birding site, close to Sale. Though I didn't manage to get any good shots we saw yellow billed spoonbills - quite different to the royal spoonbills we see at Venus Bay. They were in a tree, living comfortably with the cormorants and pelicans...

Pelicans are plentiful in this part of the world. Am still slightly amazed that they ever get off the ground
Marsh birds can be tricky to identify, but we are pretty sure that this fella is a black winged stilt
This is a common tern
But the big prize for the day was left until last. Between Sale and Bairnsdale we could see a pair of wedge tailed eagles, circling up high. On one occasion they dropped to allow us to get a half decent photo. There is no doubting what this bird is from its tail. It was huge.

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