Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Del Richards bird watching tour, Port Douglas, June 2015

What a truly stunning day out with the resourceful Del Richards. He know Port Douglas and surrounds like the back of his hand. We noted 80 species we had seen in a day, quite remarkable. This blog entry is a short precis of the better shots.

First and Australian Bustard

We drove around the ponds in PD and saw a few "Jesus" birds, as they walk on water, or the lily pads at least. They are better known as Comb Crested Jacanas

A very common sighting, but a real thrill for us, were the numerous Forest Kingfishers, of which we saw over a dozen
And again in the town centre there were plenty of Rainbow Bee Eaters. We saw lot of these in Katherine, on the Big Lap trip in 2009
The last three on this blog were new to us. First the Stone Curlew, which was on the ground of the Sheraton Mirage hotel
A white throated honeyeater

A rather cute Diamond Dove, which got Del quite excited, as he didn't have a good quality photo of this species

But without a doubt the star showing goes to the family of Papuan Frogmouths


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