Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fitzgerald maintenance Sept 2013

Bob the builder continues his good work.

Timber houses need maintenance. Its been a really wet winter in 2013 and some of the woodwork has copped a beating. So its time to get up there, repaint what can be salvaged and remove/replace the rest. A spell of good weather lead to the following jobs:-
  • prep, paint and pointing the roof gables over the kitchen and bunk room
  • lots of prep and repainting
  • sparkie in to change a transformer
  • antennae man to extend and replace the TV aerial, to hopefully pick up a signal over the Empire State Building being built next door, which is right in line with the TV signal
  • high pressure water jetted the outside of the house - it looks great, but there is more painting to be done!
Tad came to help on Saturday 7th Sept:-

The scaffold was up and down like a brides nightie. All in all it was a good weeks work, and a good workout for Stuey ahead of Cinderella then Wagners Ring!!

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