Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mau 40th


On Sunday Oct 14th Mau joined the 40s club. Unfortunately I am not longer a member of that group, having been "upgraded" to the next one! I see it as a Gold frequent flyers card - Mau is still only on Silver!
I joined up with Sophie, Alicia, Mau and Ravi Savarirayan at San Telmo, a groovy Argentinian eatery in Meyers Place, for a night of great food and serious Malbecs. The boys were robust, the gals just gorgeous as ever. And Sophie had run a half marathon that morning - amazing.
Most of the discussion was on the topic of web profiling; how to control or manage what comes up against an individual on a web search. Am itching to write stuff about Ravi to prove this point, but am far too professional subject my blog to a slander and libel claim. But yes, its tiny! Lets see what comes up on a Google search as a result of this.

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