Thursday, March 15, 2012

Xmas 2011

Xmas was spent in Mo's pad in Stokie Newington, NE London. The three of us has a 40-something Xmas (one of us only just made it into that group mind you) as we have no mates and didnt want to share our noice wines with anyone else.

It was a quiet day, the gals had a run, I was suffering with man-flu, so opted out. We lounged around, made a few skype calls and dining like kings and queens - Mo produced wonders in the kitchen. The goose was glorious, with all the trimmings.

Nickys early energy in the first video has clearly dwindled by the second one, later in the arvo and a few bottles worse for wear!!

The skype call to Buxton summed up many up there quite nicely, V cheating at board games, Jon being antisocial and Ewan performing!

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