Saturday, October 8, 2011

Australian invasion of Clifton

September saw the invasion of the Auzzies. We had Pete and Kathy to stay first, and our first guests walked across the doorstep with a bottle of Wolf Blass Grey Label, and excellent start. Oh, and it was lovely to see them both also!!! Thier was a short stay, just a couple of nights, before shooting off to Bath and London.

Next was the Geoff, Lee and Jordi from Riddles Creek. They christened out basement flat and had a great time seeing the local sights (Exmoor, Stonehenge, Bath) and fossicking. Jordi will no doubt have a metal detector one day and will keep him mum and dad in the lifestyle to which them have come to love, by finding things. Excellent effort with the blackberries and raspberries. And he picked up at least 10p!! We had a great day out on Exmoor, feeding the ducks, eating fish and chips by the river Exe and fossicking!!

Then Sheena arrived, and a little later Paul too. Sheena was meant to be having time out but spent many hours with Nicky at the 3rd floor desk, working out researchy stuff. Brilliant.


And last, but by no means least were John and Mimi. If Sheena cants stop working, then Johnny is in the boat. Mr-Fix-It couldnt deal with stuff going wrong, all of which Stuart was very happy to forget all about. Thanks for the dining room light, dishwasher door and all the other "little jobs".

The Clifton Sausage got a bit of business out of us - we are trying to rename it the Clifton Snag in honour of the Auzzies!!


Thank you Auzzies - we loved seeing you all and we had a great time. Come back soon!!

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