Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas 2009

For the last few years we have shared Xmas Day with our good friends Ruthy and Richo, and our godless-daughter Katie, taking it in turns to act as host. So Edgwater was our location and we had a wonderful team to join us get thro our 11 course degustation day. The video features the following people announcing each course - careful viewers will note certain people getting "jollier" as the day proceeded:-

Course 1 - summer basil soup by Nicky, presenter Katie P

Course 2 - oysters 3 ways by Katie P, presented by Richo

Course 3 - summer ceviche of salmon and tuna by Katie P, presented by Nicky

Course 4 - BBQ rabbit fillets with braised borlotti beans by Richo, presented by Liz

Course 5 - braised oxtail ravioli by Richo, presented by Michelle

Course 6 - raspberry jelly with raspberry granita by Katie P, presented by Ruthy, eventually!

Much needed walk to give the tummies a break!

Course 7 - roasted veggie cous-cous salad with harissa dressing by Nicky, presented by Margaret

Course 8 - japanese fusion style belly pork by Richo, presented by Katie and Stuey

Course 9 - pepper crusted lamb rump with lentil, sugar snap peas and mint salad by Richo, presented by Nicky

Course 10 - fig and mastic bavarois, made and presented by Katie P

Course 11 - cheese and port, by Ruthy and Richo, presented with style by Stuey


Michelle said...

what stamina!! the one who piked out at 6 pm is full of admiration :-)
are you still there tucking into the Pud?? ???
It was truly a PRIVILEDGE to be part of!!! MERRY XMAS and THANK YOU ALL

Stuart Riley said...

yes, we are still there, on course no 4,834,390. am getting a bit full and my head hurts!

Seriously now, I had to resort to Panadol on Boxing Day, but Richo had to indulge in a bit of pavement art!!!!!

We didnt eat your pud - no idea where it is. I reckon young KT will have had it!


Honora said...

You gannets! Sounds fantastic. Don't want to dishearten you, but your surroundings next Christmas Day will be somewhat different! Mum X

Stuart Riley said...

Mum, you are just jealous! And who knows about next year - if its as cold and miserable as this winter we might be back here!!