Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 148 – 150 The Nullarbor – 3-5 Nov 2009

25,024 kms, 22 degrees C

The Nullarbor is latin for “no trees” – having spent the last 3 days on it, we see how it got its name! Since leaving Albany on Monday we have driven 2,591km, or the distance from London to Cyprus, at an average of 650km/day. Since Sunday we have put fuel in the car every day, a total of $744. Just think of the wine that could have bought if we had stayed in Margaret River...

Having survived one of the great road trips in Australia we are relieved to be in Clare Valley in SA. It is great to say it is over, but bits of it were wonderful. The sheer cliffs were dramatic, though we couldn’t get to the Head of the Bight as it was closed (quite how a natural phenomenon like this can be closed had us a little baffled!).

The video shows us entertaining ourselves on the longest straight stretch of road in Australia – 90 miles or 146.6km. It is amazing what cruise control and a well placed knee can do.

Nicky is now playing dinnertime end games – having stacked the shelves full of tinned and dried food in the event of us getting bogged in 50 degrees in the Kimberley, we now have to eat all this stuff. So dinners are getting interesting but they are not likely to win too many awards. And it is amazing where chick peas can turn up!


iank said...

WEll I must say that the Nullabor was some highway. What a drive. The Great Australian Bite (Bight) seems to have been had from the stores on board!!

Honora said...

Hope you now know the result of the Melbourne up! I agree with Ian about the highway. Oh to have suh a straight road with so little traffi ANYWHERE in the UK! Great to speak to you in Adelaide. Look forward to seeing the menagre on the blog in due course. Safe onward journey to Melbourne. X Mum

Honora said... you an seem, the "c" on the keyboard is sticking!!!!!