Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 124 - 125 Cervantes – 10-11 Oct 2009

19,880 kms, 21 degrees C

After our short sojourn inland we returned to the coast and headed down to Cervantes. We arrived on the last Saturday of the school hols, where the campsite was pretty full – by the time we left on Monday we were in an empty field.

The big highlight around these parts would have to be the Pinnacles – a series of stone columns standing to attention in the desert. There are a number of theories about how these were formed, but one is that they were dead trees that have been covered by sand dunes, broken down and solidified to create vertical rocks.

There’s plenty of wildlife around here, kangaroos hopping across the sandy roads and heaps of birds, so Nicky is happy.

It’s getting cooler and dramatically we had rain for the first time in four months, since Fraser Island. A bit of a shock to the system. And yes, it’s still very windy – check out the video. We had a fridge full of food to cook but ended up in the pub as it was too cold and windy to try and get the gas stove lighted and sit outside the tent.


iank said...

Yes well I can appreciate the problem with the wind! Nic you are almost inaudable I'm afraid. Very interesting never-the-less

Stuart Riley said...

Ian, quite right. The problem with the video is that the mic is built in and it picks up the wind worse than we hear when we are recording it. Will try harder to mask it in future.

Cheers, S

Honora said...

Great stone pillars, and thanks for the expanation of how they arrived. So you've had a shock to the system - rain eh? Boy have you forgotten your roots! I suppose you're being prepared for the real world again. X Mum

Honora said...

.............. oh yes, and Happy Trafalgar Day!