Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 105 – 107 Point Samson – 21-23 Sept 2009

16,714 kms, 32 degrees C, 8 snakes

Well, the plan was to move on from Karijini NP to Millstream NP, and we sort of did so, but not for long. We took the dirt road North, thro the ghost town of Wittenoon, once a thriving blue asbestos mine, but nowadays deserted, for obvious reasons. Millstream is in two main parts, the largest being in the South. We tried to enter, we really did, but the corrugations were just too much for both us and the car. We noticed the back bracket on the exhaust sheered some days ago – Stuart fixed it with wire, which is holding up well, but we might need to wait until Perth to get it fixed properly. There are 4WD and exhaust shops in places like Karratha and Port Hedland, but we would have to wait a week or more to get the work done.

So the only bit of Millstream we saw in detail was Python Pool, which was pretty awesome. The camp site next door was called Snake Gully – get the picture?! We saw a snake crossing a dirt road – he was none too impressed with us and the feeling was mutual! It is snake country and temperature – we are taking care on bushwalks, eyes down.

The scenery is wonderful – firey red rocks with light green Spinifex clumps. Sooo Pilbara. The red probably comes from iron ore. We were stopped at a level crossing while a train filled with ore passed by. It took almost 3 mins for the train to pass, it must have been over 2km long.

So we headed North to the coast at Point Samson, a beautiful spot with clean grassy campsite and showers, a real treat! Our next luxury was a huge fish and chips dinner. We originally planned to stay for one night, ended up staying three!! It was a welcome rest from all the driving.

Pt Samson has wonderful views, beaches, fauna and flora. Normally beach walks involve lots of dead shells – most of these boys were still crawling around (see video). We saw our first Sturt’s Desert Pea of the trip – a sign of the glorious WA wildflowers coming into spring bloom. Our campsite had lots of birds (the piccies are a spinifex pigeon, white plumed honeyeater and zebra finches). And the water is safe to swim and snorkel – lots of coral and LSTs (little stripey things!).

Next is a 600km driving day to Exmouth and more snorkelling.


Michelle said...

sounding too lovely - but where is the next blog entry - com'on! Some of us need to live vicariously especially during week end on call - hanging out for the Exmouth entry.. :-) XX

Honora said...

Boy the road must have been rough if you gave in! Mind you, sounds like you made a good choice. Bet youo can't wait to get to the other Exmouth Nicky!

Stuart Riley said...

Michelle - we are far too busy snorkelling, diving and generally having a good time. But will post soon!

Mum - yep, wimps we are. And Nicky tells me that this Exmouth is VERY different to the one in Devon!


Jan said...

Wet and miserable day in Melb(espec after tragic Saints loss!), so enjoyed ++ catching up on your last month's adventures. Distances mind-boggling, scenery and wildlife fantastic ... Thank you. Amazed Nicky's togs are holding up to the excessive wear!How many water holes, gorges, beaches etc can you find?

Stuart Riley said...

Jan - there are lots of everything you mention in this wonderful country...

...except Nickys togs! She is going lean in the wardrobe department!! But loving her time. She is devouring the latest Dan Brown book as I speak.